About Thomas J. Sullivan

Thomas J. Sullivan

Legal Experience

I practiced law since 1980. I began my legal career first as an associate, and later a partner, in a small law firm in the St. John’s District of Portland, Oregon. In 1983 I opened my own office in Tigard, Oregon. In 1993 I moved my practice to Wilsonville, Oregon. In 2011, I moved my practice back to Portland. My clients came from all over Oregon (and, sometimes, from out of state) and I handled legal matters in just about every county in Oregon.

The main areas in which I practiced were Real Estate Law, Business and Commercial Law, and Non-profit Law. I also drafted wills and trust, and handled probate and other general legal matters.

During the course of my legal career, I advised my clients on matters from a wide range of legal areas including: Consumer Law, Tort Law (personal injury, negligence, fraud, defamation, etc.), Debtor-Creditor Law, Indian Law, Art Law, Intellectual Property Law, Bankruptcy Law, Criminal Law, Civil Rights Law, Employment Law, Land Use Law, Family Law and Entertainment Law. I also litigated and appealed cases in both state and federal courts, as well as state and federal administrative agencies, and I handled numerous mediations and arbitrations.

I liked being a sole practitioner because it allowed me to practice law the way I wanted to. My intention from the beginning was to make quality legal services available to more people. Over these many years, it has been my pleasure to provide my clients with the same high quality legal service that the large law firms provide but at a much lower cost. I know for sure that my clients appreciated that. They also appreciated having ready access to me, and knowing that I will treat them fairly and honestly.

My thirty years as an attorney gave me a broad base of experience and, I believe, a deep knowledge of how the legal system works. Because my clients were usually on tight budgets, I developed a common sense understanding of how to interact with that system to provide the most benefit to my clients at the lowest cost and with the least hassle. As a matter of personal and professional integrity, I always placed my client’s interests first, including their pocket books, and strived to solve their legal issues quickly and efficiently.

Community Involvement

I strongly believe that I have a civic duty, as a citizen and a human being, to participate in the affairs of my community, and to contribute what I can to its betterment. I have a long history, predating my legal career by many years, of involvement in non-profit organizations. Since I started practicing law, I also served on many boards and commissions in my local community. A partial list follows. I have been enriched by these experiences, and the knowledge I have gained, has contributed greatly to my ability to practice law effectively.

  • Member - Wilsonville Planning Commission,
    2010 - 2011
  • Member - KBOO Foundation’s Strategic Planning Workgroup, 2010-11
  • Wilsonville Representative to Stakeholder’s Working Group of the 1-5/99W Corridor Study, 2006-09
  • Board of Directors - Theatre As Medicine, an Oregon non-profit educational corporation, 2000-04
  • Board of Directors - Advanced Modems In Healing, an Oregon non-profit educational corporation, 2000-01
  • President and Board Member - Earth and Spirit Council, an Oregon non-profit educational corporation, 1997-00
  • Chairman and Member - City of Wilsonville’s Development Review Board, 1997-99
  • Member - City of Wilsonville’s Transportation Advisory Committee, 1994-97
  • Co-founder and Board Member - Turtle Cove Community Trust, an Oregon non-profit educational corporation, 1995
  • Member - City of Tigard Utilities and Franchise/Solid Waste Advisory Committee, 1985-87
  • Chairman - City of Tigard Transportation Advisory Committee, 1985-87
  • President and board member- Tigard/Tualatin Community Youth Services, 1986-88
  • Coordinator - Tigard Leadership Seminar, 1985-86
  • Participant - Tigard Leadership Seminar, 1984-85
  • Steering Committee and Tigard Chamber of Commerce Representative to the “I-5 Corridor” Association, Member of Transportation Committee, 1985-86
  • Washington County Citizens Representative to the Southwest Corridor Study, Citizen Advisory Committee, 1986-87
  • Tigard Chamber of Commerce, Public Affairs Committee, 1985-86
  • President and Director- Milk and Honey Non-Profit Food Store, Inc. a Consumer Cooperative, 1978-81
  • Member - Portland Area Food Systems Group Steering Committee- Provender Alliance (of Natural Food Stores)